OpenHD Release Notes

OpenHD 2.6 Changelog

We are thrilled to announce a new release of OpenHD, packed with exciting new features, improvements, and bug fixes! OpenHD continues to evolve thanks to the contributions and feedback from our amazing community. Here’s what’s new in this release:

New Features

  • Added support for:
    • OpenHD custom hardware (X20 -VTX) AIR
    • Radxa Zero 3 W GND
    • Radxa CM 3 GND
    • Radxa Rock 5 B GND
    • Radxa Rock 5 A GND
  • Added Infiray thermal camera color palette
  • Added (USB) audio support (beta)
  • Added minimal X86 image and updated support for Ubuntu Noble
  • Added support for Zero 3W Hotspot
  • Added support for Power Monitoring on all Platforms


  • Enhanced handling of intra and non-intra streams
  • Improved platform integration of cameras
  • Improved handling on 88x2BU Realtek cards
  • Improved Ethernet and WiFi forwarding
  • Simplified WiFi card discovery
  • Enabled low latency video playback on Rock platforms with simultaneous QOpenHD usage
  • Improved Ground Battery widget
  • Added Sidebar menu for fast settings switching (including joystick support)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed runaway latency in high RF pollution scenarios
  • Disabled video streaming briefly during critical operations to free up bandwidth and resources
  • Fixed bug causing temporary loss of telemetry data during session changes
  • Automatically limited TPI to 50 on 40MHz on Asus devices


  • Enabled frequency change using air unit only
  • Added initial support for enterprise Hardware (including Microhard support)

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this release. Your support and dedication keep the OpenHD community thriving. We look forward to your feedback and hope you enjoy the new features and improvements!

The OpenHD Team

Upgrade now to experience the enhanced capabilities and improved performance of OpenHD. Thank you for your continued support and happy flying!

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