OpenHD Release Notes

OpenHD 2.5 Changelog

  1. Selectable bind phrase in the OpenHD Image Writer:

    Now you can easily customize the bind phrase during image writing, providing you with increased flexibility and convenience.

  2. Enhanced telemetry security:

    Telemetry is now always encrypted, ensuring the utmost security. Additionally, video encryption is made optional, granting users more control over their system.

  3. Improved RF Metrics:
    • Foreign PPS tracking
    • Channel analysis enhancements
    • Improved handling of polluted channels and bitrate overshoot by cameras (Throttle)
  4. Betaflight support:

    OpenHD now includes support for Betaflight, expanding compatibility and functionality.

  5. Inav Mavlink Improvements:
    • Improved Inav Mavlink support with enhanced Mavlink sysid handling.
  6. TPI (TX Power Index) improvements:
    • Better handling of TPI (TX power index) for RTL8812AU, optimizing wireless performance.
  7. Frequency and bandwidth improvements:
    • Refined frequency selection with a shift to the standard FPV range, making DJI/Walksnail and analog antennas more usable.
    • Enhanced bandwidth synchronization (20MHz / 40MHz) for improved performance.
  8. Simplified STBC / LDPC Selection:
    • Streamlined selection processes for STBC (Space-Time Block Coding) and LDPC (Low-Density Parity-Check) to enhance the user experience.
  9. Build system and dependency improvements:
    • Optimized build system using CMake and reduced dependencies, contributing to a more efficient and lightweight application.
  10. Air recordings naming enhancement:
    • Improved naming conventions for air recordings for better organization and clarity.
  11. UI enhancements:
    • Improved layouting for a more intuitive user interface.
    • Clearer and more understandable names for various functions.
    • Scaling fixes for a seamless experience across different devices.
  12. New HUD widgets and features:
    • Introduction of multiple HUD widgets, including performance horizon and rate quick select.
    • New features like auto-hiding of the mouse pointer for a cleaner interface.
  13. Platform expansion:

    Initial support for new platforms, including Radxa CM3, Radxa Zero 3W, OpenHD X20, and more.

    Release strategy restructuring: Starting with this release and moving forward, we are adjusting our release plans to ensure a more focused and streamlined approach:

    • Initial release on Raspberry Pi platform.
    • Subsequent addition of other platforms in subsequent releases, allowing for thorough attention and reduced workload between each release.

Upgrade now to experience the enhanced capabilities and improved performance of OpenHD. Thank you for your continued support and happy flying!

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