OpenHD Digital FPV

OpenHD is an open source digital FPV ecosystem for any type of RC application.
Get started today and learn more about OpenHD and its features.

What makes OpenHD different from other solutions?

Open Source

Everything about the OpenHD software stack is open source and freely available on GitHub. Want to change something?
Do it.

Flexible Hardware

OpenHD works with a wide range of hardware. Check out the wiki to learn what’s needed to get started.

Long Range

OpenHD uses standard 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz WiFi adapters in a special broadcast mode. This makes ranges of up to 100km possible.

Advanced OSD

OpenHD features one of the most powerful graphical on screen displays available for FPV applications. Give it a try yourself!

Digital FPV made open source.

You can modify everything!

OpenHD is entirely open source. This allows you to change and modify whatever you want, or even to add new features.
Of course you can also just leave things as they are and use it out of the box. It’s all up to you.

OpenHD on GitHub

Get started with OpenHD today!

If you’re new to open source digital FPV and just want to know where to get started, check out our wiki. We have created a set of comprehensive setup instructions which will help you get up and running. We’ve also linked a couple of great videos.

Our sponsors

PCBWay is generously supporting OpenHD’s hardware research projects.
We can highly recommend their services for any PCB project – be it simple 2 layer boards or high end multi layer PCBs with blind vias. They can do it all.


Latest News

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OpenHD 2.3 evo (beta)

Dear community,We’ve been working on OpenHD-evo for almost a year now, open and documented on GitHub, but without a public release. After getting a lot of positive feedback from our[…]

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OpenHD 2.2 Evo

Dear community, A year has passed, after the last release with little to no information about how development is going on. First, we want to thank you for your patience.[…]

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Official OpenHD Discord Server

Due to frequent demand we have deciced to start an official Discord Server for the OpenHD community, which is going to coexist with the OpenHD Telegram channel. It’s a place[…]

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