Everything about the OpenHD software stack is open source and freely available on GitHub. Want to change something? Do it.

Flexible Hardware

OpenHD works with a wide range of hardware. Check out the wiki to learn what’s needed to get started.

Long Range

OpenHD uses standard 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz and 6GHz(soon) WiFi adapters in a special broadcast mode. This makes ranges of more than 50km possible.

Advanced OSD

OpenHD features one of the most powerful graphical on screen displays available for FPV applications. Give it a try yourself!


We are OpenHD

OpenHD is a suite of software designed for long-range video transmission, telemetry, and RC control. While we originally designed it with hobbyist drones in mind, it can be adapted to a wide range of other applications as well.

We are an open-source project that has been collaboratively developed by a dedicated group of passionate developers who generously contribute their time and expertise. It also benefits from a large and supportive community of contributors.

What Makes OpenHD so great

Explore unlimited possibilities

OpenHD is an exceptionally versatile system, adaptable to a wide array of platforms and diverse hardware configurations. Tailored with a strong focus on the FPV hobbyist community, OpenHD remains responsive to valuable feedback from its extensive user base. Its remarkable modularity and user-friendly design render OpenHD an invaluable software solution across various applications, including education, research, and the everyday use of FPV enthusiasts.

Long Range

OpenHD's groundbreaking transmission system empowers users to achieve remarkable signal ranges. Distances exceeding 50 kilometers are readily attainable with well-optimized configurations.


OpenHD offers extensive support for a variety of cameras and image sensors, creating intriguing opportunities for exploration in areas such as low-light sensitivity, HDR capabilities, and the integration of thermal and global shutter sensors.

Custom Hardware

With its dedicated hardware team, OpenHD presents an exclusive avenue for crafting tailored hardware solutions that cater to the specific requirements of FPV enthusiasts, such as the upcoming X20 VTX, which will soon be released.

Dynamic Settings

OpenHD's distinctive approach to settings management enables seamless adjustments without the need for system reboots. This flexibility empowers users to manually set exposure as the sun sets and dynamically fine-tune the balance between range and quality. And much more.

Custom Drivers

"In pursuit of optimal hardware utilization, OpenHD pioneers custom drivers and kernels, unlocking capabilities beyond standard drivers. This includes enabling all available channels, integrating new cameras,showing exact channel usage and reducing decode latency.

Business Partners

Our diverse business partnerships enable developers to pre-test hardware for usability and advantages, benefiting our user community. These collaborations also drive the creation of custom cameras and carrier boards and much more, tailored to community needs.


Here you can find the most important OpenHD Downloads. We recommend just downloading the OpenHD ImageWriter, which can internally Download all the listed files here, and let's you easily configure OpenHD.

OpenHD ImageWriter

The OpenHD ImageWriter is a software tool that makes it easy to install and configure OpenHD. It lets you choose and download all Images within itself, configure OpenHD, and write everything to a SD or USB-Stick. This simplifies the setup process for OpenHD.



Here you can find all our latest Images for manual flashing.

OpenHD Apps

OpenHD comes with a few companion apps, which show the pirmary Video and expose Settings. OpenHD additional allows the usage of third party apps like MissionPlanner, Tower, QGroundControl and FPV_VR_OS.




Our Partners

At OpenHD, we are proud to be a non-profit organization dedicated to making FPV (First-Person View) accessible to everyone. Our mission is made possible through a combination of generous donations and strategic partnerships with reputable companies.

Arducam, specializes in developing cameras, crafting drivers for new image sensors, and enhancing the FPV experience for all.

Radxa is known for producing single-board computers and related hardware products. They help us with Hardware support.

Veye Imaging, specializes in developing high quality cameras. They made the first cameras fitted to outdoor usage on the RaspberryPi

SonicModell/ZOHD is a very reputable manufacturer for model planes, they provided us with a testing Platform for OpenHD (AR Wing Pro)

Cloudsmith is a platform for securely storing and sharing software packages. It hosts all OpenHD binaries and makes our updating possible.

PcbWay, a reliable manufacturing partner, streamlines OpenHD custom hardware prototype production, which helped us with the X20 VTX.

DigitalOcean, a reliable Webserver provider, hosts OpenHD Websites,Forum and our Images, for worldwide availability.

StickerMule, a company that specializes in high-quality custom printing, particularly custom stickers and labels, helps us with promotional Material.

Waveshare, a company that specializes in high-quality screens and pcb's, supports OpenHD with development hardware.

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