OpenHD evo 2.3.3-beta

OpenHD evo 2.3.3-beta

We are pleased to announce OpenHD evo 2.3.3, which includes bug fixes and new features based on user feedback.

Bug fixes:

Variable bitrate: Fixed bug where the video bitrate was unneccessarily decreased too much
force_sw_encode not persistent during reboots (usb cam)
in multi camera mode, the curr recomended bitrate reported by the mavlink message(s) is wrong. Internally, the right one is used though.
RPI decode: Fix bug where lower part of the image can be corrupted in some cases
MCS index – only change on air unit (downlink)
Fix RSSI percentage value not shown
Fix flight mode command showing error message (though successfull)

New features:

Improve feedback / visual indication(s) what’s going on with the bitrate(s):
a) Show a message in the HUD if the openhd recommended encoder bitrate changes
b) If there is a high difference between the set an measured encoder bitrate, the video bitrate widget text is colored red
Expose STBC,LDPC and GI as dynamically changeable params (advanced users only)
add option to force sw encode also for rpicamsrc and libcamerasrc
Add option to show FC message(s) in HUD (default on, can be disabled)
Improved/more documented settings
Improved image quality on arducam lowlight cameras

Release notes from the last version can be found here:

How to install:
Please follow and select the 2.3.3-evo-beta image.

We hope you enjoy the latest release of OpenHD and continue to provide us with valuable feedback to help us improve the platform.
Happy flying!