OpenHD evo 2.3.1 Beta

OpenHD evo 2.3.1 Beta

Greetings OpenHD FPV enthusiasts!
We are thrilled to announce the release of our latest update (2.3.1), packed with exciting new features, bug fixes, and improvements a detailed list is appended.
In general, we fixed a few bugs, with RC and Video-Parsing (which erases a problem of high latency while parsing), allows frequencies above 5700mhz, fixed a issue, that the pi wasn’t clocking itself to its supposed frequency (pi3 and lower), fixed some issues with the ochin board and added a record widget and made Telemetry out on the Ground station selectable.

  1. ardupilot rejected the mavlink rc override messages – fix
  2. some rtl8812au frequencies above >=5700Mhz were rejected – fix
  3. wifi hotspot: the pi is now always at
  4. sometimes gstreamer did not properly terminate, resulting in the need to restart
    openhd when changing camera settings – fix
  5. bug that could result in dropped frames by the decoder and high latency – fixed.
  6. allow resizing (big/small) of the pip video
  7. add debug information for v3dcore clock into the OSD
  8. add reminder to restart QOpenHD after selecting number of Cameras
  9. link MAVSDK static to ease the setup process
  10. add record widget, with free space output
  11. add warning if the decoder is overloaded (if cameras aren’t set up correctly)
  12. add MAVLINK out on ground serial
  13. change openhd settings path

Work in progress:

  1. OSD-rotation
  2. support for changing binary gpio pins on rpi via mavlink
    We hope you enjoy this update to OpenHD FPV! Happy flying!

For more detailed notes, please look into the OpenHD and QOpenHD release notes on github

Images can be flashed via our ImageWriter or manually downloaded here: