OpenHD 2.3.2-beta

OpenHD 2.3.2-beta

We are pleased to announce the latest release of OpenHD, packed with new features and improvements to enhance your setup and fpv flying experience.

NOTE: This release includes improvements and changes to a lot of essential functionalities,which can have unexpected side effects (beta). It has been flown succesfully though.

New features:
1) Variable bitrate:
This release features variable bitrate, which automatically adjusts camera bitrate(s) depending on the selected MCS index, frequency, and channel width.
It also automatically reduces bitrate on too many TX errors. Please note that this only works on recommended CSI cameras and rtl88xxau – on cameras that don’t support
variable bitrate, you still need to manually tune your link according to your camera. You can read more here:

2) Improved decoding on RPI (Ground):
Even though the rpi HW supports h264 decode at up to [email protected], there was a bug in the previous decode implementation that resulted in high (>500ms) latency
at said resolutions. This issue has been eliminated, and overall latency has been reduced slightly.

3) Improved QOpenHD UI:
There have been a ton of improvements in QOpenHD like adding support for Screen rotation, better documentation of parameters, more verbose error codes and small bug fixes.
A full changelog can be found here:

4) Air recording
Automatically stop recording on the air unit when storage is running low.

OpenHD bug fixes:
Channel scan reporting 40Mhz channel width even though 20Mhz is set on air – this resulted in a working downlink, but no uplink. Fixed.
A full changelog can be found here:

We hope you enjoy the latest release of OpenHD and continue to provide us with valuable feedback to help us improve the platform.
How to install:
Please follow and select the 2.3.2-evo-beta image.
Happy flying!