OpenHD software releases:

Here you’ll find the latest official OpenHD software builds for all supported platforms. This includes SD card images for Raspberry Pi, as well as the latest QOpenHD mobile application builds. You’ll also be able to find experimental builds.
Alternatively you can also find all releases over onĀ GitHub.

Raspberry Pi:


OpenHD 2.0.12B Release Candidate 1.5GB 121 downloads

We are expecting some bugs, please report them via issues on GitHub! KNOWN ISSUES: Android...

OpenHD 2.0.8 - Buster 1.5GB 611 downloads

Buster is required for RPI CM3+ or Pi4, but it also works on all other Pi models. Test...

OpenHD 2.0.8 - Stretch 1.3GB 188 downloads

Stretch is still provided for people who are using the old OSD. Test notes: The...

QOpenHD mobile app (Android):


2.0.12B Release Candidate - QOpenHD Android APK 26.70 MB 116 downloads

The latest build of the QOpenHD Android application. ...