OpenHD 2.0.8 – Buster

OpenHD 2.0.8 – Buster

  • Version 2.0.8 - Buster
  • Download 1062
  • File Size 1.5GB
  • File Count 1
  • Create Date November 25, 2021
  • Last Updated June 27, 2022

Buster is required for RPI CM3+ or Pi4, but it also works on all other Pi models.

Test notes:

  • The font dropdowns in QOpenHD may not update in both locations when you change the font
  • In some cases QOpenHD might freeze on the ground station, this isn't a bug in the app itself but appears to be an issue with the Raspbian Buster 4.19.x kernel. We're testing an updated kernel to fix it.
  • Air-side power stats (voltage/current from external sensors) may not be arriving in QOpenHD at the moment
  • The boot screen may flicker for a moment when a TX is connected to the ground, this is expected at the moment (there is a bug in a system library we use)
  • The first few messages may not show up on the boot screen at the moment
  • The size of OSD elements in QOpenHD is fairly small on high resolution screens, HiDPI is not currently being detected automatically. If necessary you can increase the scale in the QOpenHD settings panel under App->Screen, you can also edit /boot/qopenhd.conf and reboot
  • Video may stutter or freeze when ground recording to SD card is enabled with VIDEO_TMP=sdcard
    • This is an old problem, the settings file has had a note about it for probably a year or more
    • A temporary solution is to use VIDEO_TMP=memory instead
    • Will be resolved soon by separating the recording system from the rest of the video pipeline so it can't affect live flight
  • Some parts of the old OSD may be reversed when Vector Open Telemetry is in use (#283)

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