OpenHD 2.0.6 – Buster

OpenHD 2.0.6 – Buster

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  • Create Date June 19, 2022
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Changes in 2.0.6

  • Fix RC briefly using default values when RC or the ground station restarts
    • If your TX accidentally disconnects, whether you're aware of it or not, this should allow it to resume control as soon as it connects again
    • If your drone is in RTL and your ground station reboots (intentionally or otherwise) the drone should remain in RTL, previously this might have caused Ardupilot to think the flight mode had been changed
    • This also switches away from using SDL and uses the standard Linux joystick interface instead
  • Auto calibrate Seek Compact thermal camera at power on
    • This reduces thermal image noise, in some cases significantly
    • You should hold something thermally flat and non-reflective in front of the Seek when you turn the drone on
    • Keep it there for a few seconds after video appears on the ground station or hotspot devices
    • You'll know if you didn't wait long enough, there will be a "burned in" image instead of clear thermal video
    • The auto calibration is a significant enough improvement that it is always enabled at the moment, if needed we can make it an option
  • Enable support for saving video/telemetry to exFAT usb drives after flight
  • Update QOpenHD to 0.4.0b15
    • Disable remote drag-and-drop from Android
    • Update camera preset lines for buster
    • Set flight mAh for Vector telemetry
    • Set RC RSSI for Vector telemetry
    • Fix Mavlink telemetry reception for flight controllers where the sysid is changed
      • This includes flight controllers like Pitlab
      • Note: those of you who are connecting multiple drones to the same Mavlink channel, we're going to add a way to manually specify which one you want telemetry from, and in the future we'll have each detected drone listed so you can easily pick the one you want
    • ADSB support (Luke Shanks)
      • This works with both plain internet access or an SDR device connected to the ground
      • Aircraft will show up in the map
      • You will also see/hear warnings if there is an aircraft within close distance
    • Fix for home position loss after app restart (Luke Shanks)
    • Add ESC and IMU temperature widgets (Felipe Machado)
    • Fix log level filter (Felipe Machado)
    • Add option for battery percent from flight controller calculation (Felipe Machado)
    • Remove warning message from home Mavlink message (Felipe Machado)
    • Automated cell count if telemetry provides it (Felipe Machado)
    • Add Efficiency in mAh/KM widget (Felipe Machado)
    • Fix Issue with battery percent in divisions of 5% (Felipe Machado)
    • Increase mAh/KM widget size (Felipe Machado)
    • Fix incorrect color in air battery widget (Felipe Machado)
    • Update widget detail sizes on air battery, home distance, and roll widgets (Felipe Machado)

Test notes

  • The font dropdowns in QOpenHD may not update in both locations when you change the font
  • In some cases QOpenHD might freeze on the ground station, this isn't a bug in the app itself but appears to be an issue with the Raspbian Buster 4.19.x kernel. We're testing an updated kernel to fix it.
  • Air-side power stats (voltage/current from external sensors) may not be arriving in QOpenHD at the moment
  • The boot screen may flicker for a moment when a TX is connected to the ground, this is expected at the moment (there is a bug in a system library we use)
  • The first few messages may not show up on the boot screen at the moment
  • The size of OSD elements in QOpenHD is fairly small on high resolution screens, HiDPI is not currently being detected automatically. If necessary you can increase the scale in the QOpenHD settings panel under App->Screen, you can also edit /boot/qopenhd.conf and reboot
  • Video may stutter or freeze when ground recording to SD card is enabled with VIDEO_TMP=sdcard
    • This is an old problem, the settings file has had a note about it for probably a year or more
    • A temporary solution is to use VIDEO_TMP=memory instead
    • Will be resolved soon by separating the recording system from the rest of the video pipeline so it can't affect live flight
  • Some parts of the old OSD may be reversed when Vector Open Telemetry is in use (#283)

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