OpenHD 2.0.12B Release Candidate

OpenHD 2.0.12B Release Candidate

  • Version 2.0.12B-RC
  • Download 335
  • File Size 1.5GB
  • File Count 1
  • Create Date November 25, 2021
  • Last Updated June 27, 2022

We are expecting some bugs, please report them via issues on GitHub!


  • Android adsb aircraft icon missing
  • Possible inconsistent mission waypoint order/lines on map


  • Ardupilot only flight mode change via flight mode widget
  • Ardupilot only RTL command via home widget
  • Ardupilot only Mission widget. Total waypoint count and current waypoint
  • Ardupilot only mission waypoints on map
  • Ardupilot only arm/disarm via throttle widget
  • FC reboot command via power page
  • Total rewrite of ADSB widget. Now agregates sources (David Contribution)
  • In app veye camera control (Daniel Contribution)
  • ALL widgets positioned via long press and settings. Tap/click opens "actions" if available
  • Widget names in popup (Daniel Contribution)
  • Configurable Mavlink sysid in general
  • Blackbox playback fixed (not enabled in release build)
  • Autopilot info requested on connnect (internal to app)
  • GPIO widget layout fixed
  • Data Logger class added (internal to app and disabled in build)
  • UAV position track history draws on map (efficiently recycles 100 points)
  • Horizon width control now more fine
  • FPV widget default size increased
  • Declutter option from old OSD now added to multiple widgets and is configurable via settings popup
  • GPS widget layout cleanup
  • I2C and Veye changes related to app setting Veye controls (Daniel Contribution)
  • Raspberry Cam controls via the app (DanielĀ“s Contribution)


  • New pi4b model added
  • Unknown pi models default to assuming dual hotspot band ability

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